Hanoverian Regiments Muster Rolls 1789

10 Mar | News,

Some 1500 names from the Muster Lists of the two Hanoverian Regiments who were sent to India in 1788 by King George III in his capacity as Elector of Hanover have been uploaded to the FIBIS database website. Thanks are due to Len Metzner of the Anglo-German Family History Society, who transcribed these from the WO 12 records at The National Archives.

The Muster Rolls uploaded are:

In the late eighteenth century in India, under the threat of attack by the French during the American War of Independence, the East India Company sought the help of two regiments of the British army. The English War Office was unable to accede to these requests, so the Company appealed to King George III, as Elector of Hanover, to send them two regiments of Hanoverian soldiers. To this, he agreed and sent to India the 14th and 15th Regiments of the Hanoverian Army.

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