Fort St George Inhabitants 1701-1707

10 Jun | News,

A list of Fort St George Inhabitants 1701-1707 (IOR Source: O/5/29 LDS Film: 2104566) has been added as members only material to the FIBIS database.

Transcription & notes supplied by Sylvia Murphy

This database is a compilation of lists of inhabitants submitted annually. For the most part people are named under 4 different headings:

  • Freeman inhabitants of Fort St George
  • Seafaring Men not constant inhabitants
  • Widdows
  • Young Maidens not yet Married

Spelling of names from one list to the next is inconsistent, however, by browsing the dataset it is possible to track a person through the years 1701-1707.

Where the men are married this is shown and the race of their wife given (but never her name). In some lists this is only by an abbreviation: “ E.W.”; “ F.W.” C, M, etc. These have been expanded in the transcription to assist understanding. Two words may be unfamiliar:

Casteez – mixed race Portuguese/Indian

Musteez – mixed race with Indian

Refer to ‘Hobson-Jobson ‘ for a detailed explanation of these terms.

Included in this dataset is a list for 1705 which includes East India Company employees with their status and location.