FIBIS news and Social Networking

10 Jan | News,

There are many ways that FIBIS posts news and information to its members and to the general public. Although the most popular method is currently the emailed FIBIS newsfeed, not all news is posted via this method. FIBIS posts news on a daily basis, but as not everyone wants email from FIBIS appearing in their inbox everyday, we use other methods of social media to broadcast news and only post the more important news via the blog/email newsfeed. To help you choose the best method for you to keepup-to-date with FIBIS news here is a summary of the methods we use to broadcast our news and the sort of news we post via these social media methods.

  • FIBIS blog –  This is where FIBIS posts most of its news concerning  FIBIS activities, data, events, products etc. There are several ways to keep informed of news posted to the blog.
    • Visiting the blog page
    • Subscribing to the blog with a feed reader via
    • Subscribing to the blog via email. To subscribe via email visit and enter your email address into the box on the right of the page where it says FIBIS NEWS BY EMAIL. Any news added to the blog will get emailed out to email subscribers the same day.
    • FIBIS also syndicates it’s blog via Networked Blogs .  NetworkedBlogs is a community of bloggers and blog followers where users can add their blog, and connect with others.
    • If you use a feed reader you might also like to subscribe to the FIBIS Product RSS Feed. This lists any new products added to the FIBIS store.
  • Facebook – (  –  Here we post all the news posted via the blog/email plus any other triva, interesting links and photos. Other Facebook members can also post and share information via our Facebook page.
  • Twitter –  ( –  Here we post all  the news posted via the blog/email plus any other triva, links to other news and websites.
  • Google+ -( – Pronounced Google plus.  Here we post all  the news posted via the blog/email plus any other triva, links to other news and websites. FIBIS also hopes to be using the Google+ hangout feature to chat with members and perhaps help with research enquiries soon. Google+ hangouts is a group video chat feature which also enables users to share their screen with other people in the hangout. You can find out more about Google+ hangouts at .
  • FIBIS Social – For FIBIS members only. Here we post news, stories, articles, photographs, videos/podcasts of lectures, research tips etc for FIBIS members only. Members can also post photos, articles, stories, links etc and chat online with other members.
  • YouTube – ( –  Here we post a sample of some of the videos we have made and also share other videos we think researchers of British India family history might find interesting.
  • FiBiWiKi – ( – The FiBiWiKi is  a wiki where you can share information useful to people researching ancestors in India. It not only contains guides to help you research, but also lists sources, and general background information about the culture, society and history of India during the period from 1600 to 1947. FIBIS has a team of volunteers that adds information practically on a daily basis.