FIBIS guest blog post – Reaching out via Facebook

09 May | News,

FIBIS is pleased to announce that it’s first ‘Guest Blog’ post is now available for members to read in the FIBIS Social Network. The excellent article is entitled Reaching out via Facebook and is written by FIBIS member, Helen Leggatt. Helen is an experienced blogger, who joined FIBIS a year ago, and whose own blog, Hunting Kiwis, has recently been featured in the New Zealand newspaper ‘The Press‘.

FIBIS hopes this to be the first of many ‘Guest blog’ posts by FIBIS members. If you are a FIBIS member and would like to write a Guest blog post please contact the FIBIS webmaster. Creating a blog post is very easy and very little technical knowledge is needed. A list of ideas can also be found in the FIBIS Social Network blog.