Family Tree DNA mtDNA Test Sale

28 Mar | News,

Family Tree DNA mtDNA Test Sale advert

Often in British India family research we hit a brick wall and suspect the cause is that an ancestor is Indian. This can be hard to prove due to lack of documentary evidence and FIBIS started a DNA project in 2012 to hopefully help in these situations. Family Tree DNA projects offer a forum for exploring common genetic heritage. The FIBIS DNA project has already confirmed Indian ancestry in many cases and even connected a few members with cousins helping them to understand their ancestry a little more.

Family Tree DNA mtDNA Test Sale

If you suspect you have an Indian ancestress on your direct maternal line then a mtDNA test might help you prove this. For four days only Family Tree DNA are offering customers the chance to order or upgrade to the mtDNA full sequence at greatly reduced prices.  To take advantage of the outstanding prices below, place your order and pay before 11:59 PM Central Time April 1, 2014.


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