British India Family History Facebook Group

15 Jun | News,

British India family History Facebook GroupFIBIS has had a Facebook Business Page since 2008 and now has a following of nearly 2,000 people. Over the years Facebook has made various changes to business pages which have made it easier for a business to promote its products, but harder for followers to post messages that can be seen by other followers. Facebook recently made the Facebook Groups feature available to Business Pages, so FIBIS has created the British India Family History Group linked to the FIBIS Facebook Page where group members will find it easier to have discussions than they would on the business page. It also has a shared group document where group members can post their surname interests.

The  British India Family History Group is only a few days old, but has nearly 100 members and over 140 surname interests listed. A couple of members have already found a family connection too.  Anyone can join, you do not have to be a FIBIS member, but it is a closed group so an admin will need to approve your request to join before you can read or post anything to the group.

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