Bombay Tontine Society – Final Distribution List 1863

03 Jan | News,

A list share holders in the Bombay Tontine Society invited to apply for a final distribution of funds has been sent to us by Sylvia Murphy and is now uploaded to the FIBIS database website. Sylvia also sent us the following text which she says is a near transcript of that which accompanies the list in the newspaper.

Times of India, Monday 2 March 1863
Bombay Tontine Society – Final Distribution of Funds

A final distribution of the funds of this Society will be made on the 1st September 1863 when all persons for whose benefit shares were subscribed (or, if dead their personal representatives) will receive a dividend per share on proof that the persons on whose lives their shares were severally subscribed for were alive on the 12th February 1852. A list of 126 names contains all those who may on proof be entitled to dividends.

The required proof will be a Statutory Declaration which must be in the hand of the undersigned together with the Share Certificate on or before the 1st August 1863. All claims of which proof shall not have been received at Bombay on or before the last mentioned date will not be recognized and the distribution will be made without reference thereto.

W H Crawford, Solicitor, Military Square, Bombay.