Bombay Gazetted Civil Servants 1899 added to FIBIS database

13 Feb | News,
Bombay Gazetted Civil Servants 1899
Bombay Gazetted Civil Servants 1899

Details of 923  Bombay Gazetted Civil Servants for the year 1899 have been added to the FIBIS database website.   These data are reproduced from “Services of Gazetted Officers in the Civil Department Serving in the Bombay Presidency, Corrected up to 1st July 1899” Compiled by the Accountant General’s Office, Bombay.

Note that the book has been digitized and is presented in 598 jpg copies of each page. It will be understood that photographing a tightly bound book, with data tending to disappear into the binding, makes many of the pages distorted. Further, the lighting level is generally not possible to control in the average public library. Nevertheless, it is hoped that the data are all quite possible to read.

Note Also: Entries for a given person may extend over several pages. It is suggested that you visit the ‘First Entry’ and, if this does not include the full detail, you click on the ‘Next’ button to view later pages.