Baxter's guide: Biographical sources in the India Office Records

Baxter’s guide: Biographical sources in the India Office Records by Ian A Baxter (FIBIS research guide; no. 1)

01 May | News,

Baxters GuideBaxter’s guide: Biographical sources in the India Office Records

By Ian A Baxter

ISBN 0-9547-116-0-2

Soft cover, 73 pages, 3rd edition

Contents page,   index is on Page 58 before both the Glossary and the discussion of Ecclesiastical Areas.

FIBIS, in association with the British Library, have published the Third Edition of this invaluable guide to the India Office Records (held at the British Library).

This is the bible for all who are researching ancestors in British India and South Asia. The information sought will probably be found in the India Office Records, which occupy 15 km of shelving hidden away in the basements of the British Library. Thankfully, the author provides invaluable guidance on exactly where relevant information may be located for more than forty different categories of people. The reader is also directed to published sources. If confronted by an obscure term while researching, for instance on learning that an ancestor was a clerk in the Sadr Faujdari Adalat, then ‘The glossary of terms used in the administration of British India’ towards the end of this guide will be enlightening.

Ian Baxter was formerly a Curator of the India Office Records and is now retired. He is currently a FIBIS Member.


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