Anglo-Indian Genealogical Survey

19 Aug | News,

The following might be of interest to many of our members and followers:

My name is Natasha Green and I am a student at the University of Oxford in England. I am currently doing research on Anglo-Indians and their search for their ancestries. My grandmother is Anglo-Indian herself and my own family heritage has sparked my interest in the topic.

My research is part of a project which counts towards my final degree and I have created a questionnaire to survey Anglo-Indians about their searches for their family history.

I would be delighted if you might do this by taking 15-20 minutes of your time to complete my questionnaire.To do this you just need to follow this link and complete the questionnaire on-line.

Thank you very much for your help, and may I just take this moment to thank the Anglo-Indian community who have been so welcoming so far in my project!”