You are currently viewing Agra Fort Directory according to the Census taken on the 27th July 1857 by Asst Surgeon JP Walker MD

Agra Fort Directory according to the Census taken on the 27th July 1857 by Asst Surgeon JP Walker MD

“Agra Fort Directory according to the Census taken on the 27th July 1857 by Asst Surgeon JP Walker MD”, Mofussilite Press, 1857 has been transcribed and uploaded to the FIBIS database website. Our thanks go to  Bob Garner for transcribing this fascinating find.

This small booklet records several thousand names of Europeans taking shelter in Agra Fort during the Indian Mutiny. Information is provided on occupations, town of origin, family members, area of the fort in which the family are staying etc.

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  1. Hi Valmay – you can imagin my excitment with the Census as my g.gfather Peter Benjamin GIBSON (PBG) was a Sgt with the 3rd Bengal European Regt (BER) during the seige of Agra Fort, but there is no sign of PBG! He is listed in “War Services of Officers of the Bengal Army 1863” as an Ensign and took part in the action against the Neemuch and Nusserabad Brigade on 5 July ’57. Other officers and NCOs listed in the war diary as taking part in the action are mentioned in the Cenus! PBG was listed in the muster roll as c/sgt 3 BER (GarrisonUnit) on 1 Sept 1857 (L/MIL/10/178).
    Lawry Butler helped me previously in 2002 but I assume he no longer does research? I should like to have contact with a researcher as Lawry and I were endeavouring to find PBG’s wife; they had five children of which four died in infancy. The survivour William Charels GIBSON went to La Martiniere School, Lucknow ending up in the EIR.
    A contact with a researcher would be much appreciated.
    A disappointed Mike Gibson

      1. Valmay

        Hi Mike. Beverly Hallam ( @hal-0282 ) has taken over from Lawrie Butler as our Research Officer. If you send her a message, or email her at [email protected] she should be able to help sort something out for you.

        1. GIB-0278

          Thank you Valmay. I shall contact Beverly with more detail. Mike

  2. Hi Valmay – is there any way of finding out which college the boys in Section F were from? My husband’s great grandmother’s brothers (O. & E. Scott) were in the Agra Fort before going onto La Martiniere after their father was killed at Jhansi. Their mother and two younger sisters escaped before the massacre.

  3. Valmay

    Hi Ainslie, Not sure, as I haven’t viewed the actual document. Try contacting our Research Coordinator, Beverly, on [email protected] and hopefully she may know or be able to find out for you.

  4. Hi Valmay – just after I sent the message, I remembered that I had a copy of the register of the La Martiniere College (from Malcom Spiers) and on that, it is shows that they had last attended the Agra High School.After the mutiny, the boys were enrolled at the La Martiniere and there mother was living in Allahabad.

  5. Valmay

    My three year old ancestor was also sheltering at the fort with his family and went on to attend La Martiniere College. :-)

  6. Roley’s (my husband) 2 x great grandparents,family were also there (another branch). Their 3 year old son died on t8th July 1857 in the Fort. Their youngest child, Roley’s great grandmother, was only about 18 months at that time. His 2 x great grandfather was a Scotsman, who had spent about over 20 years in the Bengal Artillery, (since 1820) and when pensioned joined the Custom Collector’s Office.
    Small world – there must be many FIBIS members who have similar stories of the mutiny times.

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