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Wreath in memory of WW1 Indian Army
In memory of all the soldiers of undivided India who fell in 1914-1918

Did your European or Anglo-Indian ancestors live or work in India or South Asia between 1600 and 1947? This site can help you research your family history in British India. You can:

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The Families In British India Society (FIBIS) is a self-help organisation devoted to members researching their ancestors and the background against which they led their lives in ‘British India ‘. As your research progresses, we hope you will contribute your successful results to our pages for the benefit of others.

Good hunting,

Peter Bailey,

Chairman, FIBIS

Geoff Riggs Award 2012 for overall Best Site
Geoff Riggs Award 2012 – overall Best Site
Geoff Riggs Award 2012 for First Place in Large Society category
Geoff Riggs Award 2012 – First Place in Large Society category